Pet Wellness Exams in Maynard

One of the easiest ways of ensuring your pet’s happiness and health is by bringing your companion in for routine exams.

At a minimum, we recommend all cats and dogs complete a yearly physical exam. Depending on your pet’s age and physical health, however, more frequent exams may be advised.

Pet Wellness Exams

Your pet’s health depends on a thorough physical examination. To keep our patients feeling their best, we advise annual wellness examinations. During a wellness examination, we will discuss your pet’s medical background and any present issues. In order to identify any possible issues before they develop into serious health problems, our veterinarians at Maynard Veterinary Care will perform a comprehensive physical examination. Regular physical examinations can help prevent various pet health issues, which is why we advise having at least one inspection each year.

Despite the importance of physical examinations for animal health, you may contribute by taking good care of your pets. Take thorough notes of any questions and bring your pet to Maynard Veterinary Care for an examination if you discover any abnormalities in them.